Skin And Scales

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Skin & Scales
Herpetological Institution
Live Animal Educational Presentations

Serving New England, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & Pennsylvania
What we have to offer!
Live Animal Presentations:
Outstanding, traveling live animal presentations - very fun and educational!
Please see the"about Us" link!
Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate Rescue and Adoption:
We will take in unwanted animals in the event that we have room for them or we will re-home them for you.
Field trips:
Reptile discovery excursions - in state and out of state field trips in search of Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates!
Elite Retreat:
A unique 5 day over night nature camp - our camp is limited to 5 children per retreat period. This small enrollment allows us to maximize individual time with each child.
Free professional care instruction and advice:
You want to be successful in your herpetological journey, let us help!
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